creativeLIVE Experience

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Seen here is part of the on set crew for our 3 day Lighting Essentials with Don Giannatti class in Seattle.  In this slideshow are 4 images of our terrific models, in studio and outside that I produced. All were cropped in camera only, with minimal post and NO focused retouching. No presets were used. In raw I only pushed contrast a bit and slight clarity adjust on Natalie and with Briana, pulled up exposure a little while pushing the black only slightly. I make this point due to when using creative light effectively and intentionally there is little or no retouching required. A point that Don stresses in his teaching. (Deliberate shooting.)

Portrait 1 Isabel~Portrait 2 Brianna~ Portrait 3 Alyssa~Portrait 4 Natalie

The portrait of Isabel was produced by me on set,  large softbox on camera right and natural light from the left. Image of Alyssa is a reflection off the EMP building where after class we went out to play with our toys. Fun!  On the same day Brianna rocked her plaid jacket as we positioned a reflector in front of her. Alyssa poses with the sun 45 degree behind her and a reflector bouncing back. Natalie shot in studio with constant light on her. Host Kenna is phenomenal! (posing with me)

No matter where you are in your career in the arts, beginner to award winning there is always something new to learn or refresh. When you’re fortunate enough to find an artist willing to share their expertise, it is a gift when you are willing to accept it wholeheartedly. I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a creativeLIVE taping of 3 full days of lighting instruction by Master Don Giannatti due to getting up the nerve to submit a YouTube video (begging) for a spot. I will always cherish the knowledge I came home with and the people involved during my week in Seattle. If you know something…mentor, share, help unselfishly. If you need to learn…ask. Art is an expression we live with everyday. Make your moments count, even if only for yourself. Thank you creativeLIVE and instructors for all your fabulous training, mission and allowing me to be a part of it. Lighting Essentials with Don Giannatti April 5,6,7 Alumni 2012.

I am now a volunteer with creativeLIVE, organizing and managing an on set alumni group to share our experiences and growth in the future with this amazing resource.

New York Minute (3 images)

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A headshot series taken in 1 minute from silly to crack up to “got it”.  Engaging clients for their best Expressions. I named my business Expressions instead of my name because it’s really all about you, my client. Are you ready to update your image?

Business Card

Business Card (front)

A real paper business card, just like the old days before we got plugged in … to social media. It is a 2 sided  version of a quick mini folio that shows some of my work / style along with the pertinent contact information for scheduling a session, see proofs or view portfolio images.

Heirloom Camera

Self PortraitHeirloom Camera

My Grandfathers camera from the 40’s. He was a portrait photographer. I am following his footsteps. He passed when I was 5. This was recently sent to me from my Uncle in support of my photography. I am overwhelmed it still exists. It was one of many cameras he owned. I believe this is the only one left.